Indirect-Direct-Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Systems

//Indirect-Direct-Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Systems


HMX, is located at Bengaluru, India, and designs and manufactures unique, energy efficient, and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling.

We also undertake turnkey projects for comfort air conditioning and provide eco-friendly cooling solutions that offer affordable comfort conditioning for people and also for processes.

  • HMX-Ambiator is the next generation Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) solution for industrial and commercial spaces. Also commonly known as two-stage evaporative cooling, it is an upgrade over conventional air cooling systems with 4-5°C better cooling and up to 60% less moisture addition. The HMX-Ambiator is also an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning consuming up to 60% less energy.
  • The HMX-FAAC (Hybrid Air Conditioner) is a revolutionary concept in comfort that brings to you the best of both worlds of indirect direct evaporative cooling and refrigerated air-conditioning. With considerable energy savings in OPEX, the HMX-FAAC is designed to provide comfort in all seasons. Its areas of application include factories, warehouses, office and residential spaces and applications that require stringent temperature and RH control.
  • Cooling of fresh air through conventional Treated Fresh Air unit (TFA) or Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU) is a highly energy intensive process, but the HMX-PCU meets this requirement in the most energy efficient manner. This system has Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) at the 1st stage for sensible cooling and then a cooling coil (DX/CW) at the 2nd stage. By incorporating IEC at the 1st stage of the Treated Fresh Air systems (TFA), substantial energy savings can be gained.  The HMX-PCU can be used in conjunction with AHUs/large chiller installations for energy savings while treating the fresh air intake in commercial buildings to improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) or as a TFA.