Test & Measurement Differential Pressure Power Monitoring

//Test & Measurement Differential Pressure Power Monitoring

Setra – USA

Setra Systems, Inc. was founded in an age of transducer innovation
Our founders, Dr. Y.T. Li and Dr. S.Y. Lee were professors of engineering at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-developers of the variable
capacitance transduction principle. Building on this heritage of innovation,
Setra has designed and developed the most comprehensive product lines of sensing
devices in the world. Setra has been innovating test & measurement sensor designs
for over 50 years and has become a leader in the pressure transducer market.

  • Product Specification:
    • Configure & Power Through USB
    • Rogowski Coil and Split Core CT Compatible
    • Field Selectable BACnet/Modbus (4-in-1)
    • Broadband Power Supply (80-600V)
    • Optional Display for Setup and Monitoring
    • ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2
    • Bidirectional
    • DIN Mount
  • Product Specification:
    • High Overpressure Option Available on Selected Ranges
    • Rugged Design Withstands Harsh Environments
    • Operates Over a Wide Temperature Band
    • Compatible with Wide Range of Gases & Liquids
    • Operates on Low Cost Unregulated DC Power
    • Suitable for High Shock & Vibration Applications
    • No Seals or O-Rings to Cause Leakage
    • No Brazed Joins Susceptible to Corrosion Problems
  • Product Specification:
    • ±0.25% FS Accuracy
    • No Liquid Fill Diaphragm
    • NEMA 4 Rated Housing
    • Available with 3-Valve or 5-Valve Manifold Assembly Option
    • Low Line Pressure Effect
    • Fast Response Time
    • Gas and Liquid Compatible
    • Meets CE Conformance Standards
  • The Model – 260 offer user-selectable unidirectional and bidirectional pressure ranges and analog outputs, a standard LCD, and AC/DC excitation on voltage output operation.
  • Product Specification
    • Up to 10 PSI Overpressure
    • Installation Time Minimized with Mounting Options
    • Reverse Wiring Protection
    • Internal Regulation Permits Use with Unregulated DC Power Supplies
    • Fire Retardant Case (UL 94 V-0 Approved)
    • Meets CE Conformance Standards
  • Product Specification:
    • End Point 0.25% Accuracy - Improved Linearity
    • Secure Calibration Key for Zero/Span Adjustments
    • 2:1 Turndown Ratio Available
    • Fire Retardant Case (UL 94 V-0 Approved)
    • Enhanced Thermal Performance
  • Product Specification:
    • On-board Sensor - Industry Best Accuracy
    • 4.3" Color Touch Screen for Easy Setup and Room Display
    • Monitor up to 4 Parameters - Pressure, Temp, RH, User-Defined (ex. CO2, LUX)
    • Wipe-down Capable IP-54 Flush Mount Design
    • Configurable Audible & Visual Alarm to Avoid Nuisance
    • Easy Mounting into off-the-shelf Electrical Gang Box
    • Reduce Installation Time with Unit Clone Feature
    • Full Banner Feature - Customize Display Text
  • Product Specification:
    • On-board Sensor - Industry Best Accuracy
    • LCD Touch Screen for Easy Setup and Room Display
    • Monitor Single Pressure Relationship and Door Status
    • Configurable Audible & Visual Alarms to Avoid Nuisance
    • Easy Surface Mounting - Wall Thickness is Irrelevant
    • Increased Safety with 2 Layer Password Protection
    • Calibration: Only Requires Zeroing Once Installed
    • Product Specifications:
      • No Oil Fill - Prevents Thermal Instability & Leakage
      • Wide Choice of Pressure Ranges from 75 PSI up to 32,000 PSI
      • 0.25% FS Accuracy
      • Dual Temperature and Pressure Output
      • Small Footprint - Less than 1in. Diameter
      • Choice of Current, Voltage, or Ratiometric Outputs
      • Reverse Wiring Protection
      • Accuracy Specified Over Full Temperature Range
      • All Welded Stainless Steel Construction