1. Designed for supply and exhaust air ventilation with energy recovery.
2. Suitable for installation in homes, offices and other premises where there are stringent requirements
on the indoor environment.
3. High temperature efficiency 86%, low energy consumption (SFP), low sound level, high operating
reliability and provides clean indoor air.
4. Unique design minimizes all thermal bridges.
5. For easy handling, the unit is remote-controlled using the wireless control unit for operation and
6. Comes equipped for Modbus communication via RS485.
7. Airflow is generated by two silent radial fans with AC motors, impellers with backward-curved blades.
8. The fans are connected with quick connectors and are very easy to remove for cleaning.
9. A regenerative, non-hygroscopic, aluminium rotating heat exchanger located in the centre of the unit.
The heat exchanger can also be removed for cleaning.
10. Comes with F7 bag filter as standard, for both exhaust and supply air. The filter is very easy to
11. Integrated controls for heating/cooling.
12. Available with or without integrated electric heater.
13. The unit is constructed of double-layer galvanized steel sheet with insulation in between, and comes
14. For placement in warm or cold areas.
15. Comes as right-hand version as standard, but can be easily rebuilt to left-hand design.
16. Equipped with wall plug.