HMX-Ambiator (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling)

//HMX-Ambiator (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling)
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HMX-Ambiator (Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling)

HMX-Ambiator is the next generation Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) solution for industrial and commercial spaces. Also commonly known as two-stage evaporative cooling, it is an upgrade over conventional air cooling systems with 4-5°C better cooling and up to 60% less moisture addition. The HMX-Ambiator is also an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning consuming up to 60% less energy.

Product Description

The HMX-Ambiator uses a revolutionary two stage process to cool air: Indirect Evaporative Cooling (sensible cooling – no moisture addition), followed by Direct Evaporative Cooling (adiabatic cooling). This enables the HMX-Ambiator to deliver air cooled below the concurrent atmospheric wet bulb temperature. The HMX-Ambiator’s areas of application include industrial and commercial ventilation and cooling. Also, process and  comfort air cooling in auditoriums, malls, offices, hotels, hospitals, halls, gyms, wellness centers, cooling of kitchens (including ventilation) and dining areas, and raw material and finished goods warehouses.

  Technical Details 

    • Capacities: 1000-80000 CFM

  Key Features 

  • BMS compatible control panel with optional variable speed drives
  • Customised solutions available
  • EER is between 25 and 40
  • DAMA technology @ core


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