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Inject System

The MIS (Multi Impulse System) was mainly used together with our Inject Light material in either a High or Low Velocity model depending on the type of application. However, when the new DFC system was introduced it also replaced the old MIS system giving the sales engineers one tool to make an application, DFC.


Product Description

  • Inject Light material is very well suited for industrial applications and dirty environments such as auto repair shops. The material has a high resistance against dust, fumes, and heavy fabrication processes in general.
  • The Inject Light materials are air tight (non-permeable) – thus ensuring a very easy maintenance – simply wipe off the the inner and outer surfaces. Because our Inject Light material is non-permeable the air will be forced out of the High Impulse Element and thrown in the given direction chosen for the High Impulse Elements selected for the ducts.
  • The Inject Light material ducts can be used together with light cooling as long as the inlet temperature stays above dew point.


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